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“Aix Brasserie”

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p and this was her latest attempt. The guy was handsome, and he seemed to be having dinner with his dad. How sweet. “Honey, he is cute, you have to meet him,” she said. I laughed. “Di, you are funny. He is having dinner with his Dad.” She gave me a look. “SO! You’ll meet his Dad too. Come on. You’ve gotta meet him.” It reminded me of the last time she did this. We were at Casa Mono and she made me send this guy sitting alone at the food bar a glass of sherry. It actually worked out quite well. He was sweet, funny, not to mention McDreamy, and we ended up going out a few times. But he was only in New York for a few days on vacation. Hey, at least we had fun for a few days. Anyway, as Diana was insisting on the meeting, I finished off the rest of the banana-chocolate tart. She was not letting this one go though. He and his Dad were finishing up their dinner and got up to leave. “Honey, look! He has a great butt! Come on! Go!” I looked at her: “Di, do you actually think I am going to get up and run after this guy just because he has a cute butt?” “Yes,” she said, adding: “Well, I would. I am a total ass woman. I love a nice ass.” (Yes, Diana’s husband has a very nice booty.) I was cracking up. “Di, I like a nice ass too (and she was right, he did have quite a fine rear), but I am not chasing him, his nice ass, and his father out of this restaurant.” She seemed to relent and we collapsed into our banquette giggling like teenagers in homeroom. Gotta love Di.

As we left the restaurant, I was still laughing about the guy with the cute ass. But soon I tore myself away and thought more about our dinner. I was very impressed with the food at Aix Brasserie. Virot is quite a talented chef, as is his number two in command, chef de cuisine Dan Levy. And while I think Virot is doing an admirable job of balancing his need to do “his” food and the neighborhood’s desire for something a little less precious, I do think the menu should become more a singularly brasserie in style than what it is now, which is really two concepts—high and low—in one. Virot is holding onto some high-end fare that while quite delicious, seems a bit out of place in the Brasserie setting. I’d also lose the fancy flatware, and take the food presentation down a notch to match the brasserie concept. Other than this slight menu dichotomy howe ... [more, click below]

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