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“Eating Citi Field”

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I grew up in Queens, and though my allegiance at a young age was to the Yankees (thanks to an aunt with a passion for Rick Cerone, Ron Guidry, Thurman Munson, Goose Gossage and Reggie Jackson), over the years I developed a distaste for the showmanship of the Yankees and a liking for the underdogs, the Mets.

Ever since I met my husband, a born and bred Red Sox fan, I can say that most baseball games I watch involve Pedroia and Lowell, not Wright and Beltran. But we try to be fair to both teams and go to an equal number of games. Last weekend, we went up to Boston for a game at Fenway and this week, we headed over to Citi Field for a day game against the Marlins and (more importantly) some lunch.

To be honest, now that Danny Meyer has opened branches of Shake Shack and Blue Smoke, along with an El Verano Taquería (a new concept with tacos created by Chef Floyd Cardoz of Tabla) and Box Frites (another new concept that serves freshly-cut, Belgian-style fries with a variety of dipping sauces), I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot more time at Citi Field than Fenway. Heck, I’d go for the food alone, though having a live game to watch is a nice bonus.
In any case, our story begins with a shower curtain liner. I know, not most trips to Citi Field begin this way, but that’s how ours does.

Since I am nine months pregnant, and our doctor informed us earlier this week that the baby could come at any time, we were sort of taking a chance with the game. But we’d had the tickets for a while, and we really wanted to go to a game before we might be prevented from doing so by a little addition known as a newborn. (Part of me also hoped to deliver there, and get season tickets for life.)

But, seriously, we played it safe. Instead of taking the subway, we decided we’d borrow a friend’s car and pack our hospital bag in the trunk just in case something (like labor and delivery) happened. Our friend had one request: a shower curtain liner on the seat just in case, as he said, “my water burst all over his car.” Fair enough. Not sure I would want amniotic fluid (and lord knows what else) all over my Toyota either. And so we started the day at Target, purchasing a lovely shower curtain and laying it down on my seat, so we could drive to the game. And off we went.

Clad in brick, limestone, granite and cast stone, Citi Field was designed by architects HOK Spo ... [more, click below]

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