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“Fatty 'Cue”

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rize Bakery and are made by Fatty "corporate" chef Corwin Kave's sister Allison Kave. These are special pies, indeed and no doubt would take first in any state fair. They come in two varieties. There's a S'mores pie, which should come with a two week guest pass to that health club next door, or the seasonal offering, which was rhubarb on the night I was in. I highly recommend a slice-loaded up with sweet, just slightly tart fruit that's tucked into a nice ample crust. But wait; there are also the Fatty Bars, made in Brooklyn (natch) by Tumbodor. The gold wrapped bars are of the Willy Wonka variety and come in milk chocolate studded with ginger, and puffed, crisped rice ($6) or the Fatty Bar "Dark" bar with roasted almonds, chili, and Maldon sea salt ($6). If you can't manage to eat one, just try. I challenge you to start one and not finish it. If you can't, take it to go, for the ride home on the M train. My new favorite train line.

Fatty Cue is located at 91 South 6th Street, Williamsburg, 718-599-3090, http://www.fattycue.com/.

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